Master Your Patterns™
Programs With/Without Individual & Team Coaching

Patricia Irwin is an Erickson certified, professional solution-focused coach (ECPC) for individuals and teams and a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation), ICF Certified Coach (ACC), UBC External Coach, Author, Speaker and Facilitator.

Patricia Indigo Irwin

These custom designed programs are a combination of facilitation and individual / team coaching.

Coaching is confidential and safe; people feel at ease to discuss challenges and solutions.
Studies reveal, “Investing in coaching for Executives has resulted in an over 500% ROI” Now imagine what might happen if all of your staff had access to solution-focused coaching from a Certified Professional Coach, expand that with programs that help people understand themselves and the people around them and the benefits grow! Add individual and team coaching to the mix and the learning becomes sustainable!
Diversity is Embraced and Inclusion is Promoted
Understanding of Self and Others Increases
Communication Skills Increase
Happy Employees – Increased Employee Retention
Talents Recognized and Development
Less Disability and Sick Days
Less Training Cost Due to Lost Employees
Creative Ideas and Unique Solutions are Increased
Diversity Management Can Be Explored
Helping to Gently Optimize Mental Health
Priorities Assessed – More Effective Production
Measured Results

Patricia Irwin   250-558-5714
TWR Positive Change Center (Parent Company)

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